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NPV, IRR and more Buy Online

This product contains the following:

1. NPV & IRR & ROIC & EBIT for 10-year sales forecast

2. NPV & IRR Spreadsheet for Periodic Cash Flows

This spreadsheet allows you to calculate the NPV & IRR values for a schedule with periodic cash flows (for example annual). If you need an template for a schedule that is not necessarily periodic, please see below.

NPV, IRR source data

NPV, IRR result data

Please note that you can enter the values for up to 65533 cash flow periods.

When you enter "Calculate" button, you will see the screen below.

NPV, IRR resulting data

NPV, IRR resulting data

You can find the results in G3 and H3 cells.

3. NPV & IRR Template for a schedule that is not necessarily periodic

NPV, IRR source data

Please note that in this case the template has the column "Date". When you enter your data and click on "Calculate" button, you will see the screen below.

NPV, IRR resulting data

You can find the results in H3 and I3 cells.


NPV, IRR source data

The modified internal rate of return (MIRR) is the internal rate of return when payments and receipts are financed at different rates. To calculate a MIRR value please enter the finance rate in cell D2, Reinvest Rate - in cell E2, then enter your cash flow in column C (payments - with '-', receipts - with '+'). Select all cash flow values. Please do not select empty cells. Then click on the "Calculate" button.

NPV, IRR resulting data

You can find the result in the cell F2.


Just unpack zip archive. NPV & IRR Spreadsheet for a schedule that is not necessarily periodic and MIRR template require the add-in "Analysis Toolpak - VBA". This add-in is supplied with Excel by Microsoft. To install this add-in, run the Setup program. After you install the Analysis ToolPak, you must enable it by using the Add-Ins command on the Tools menu. If you use Excel 2007 then you will not need to install this add-in as Excel 2007 contains it.

System Requirements


Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 or later. Or NT4 Server,  Windows 9x, Me, NT or Mac.

Requires Excel 97 or later.

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This product contains 56 financial Templates & 81 statistic templates plus NPV & IRR & ROIC & EBIT & Balloon Depreciation calculations for 10-year sales forecast project.

1. NPV & EVA calculations for 5,10 and 15 year period.
Source data: depreciated rate, tax rate, discount rate, fixed and current
assets, sales of products, WACC, and more. What advantages of EVA concept?
If the traditional NPV-analysis demands calculation of necessary size of investments with exact scoping and time of cash flows on the periods, calculation EVA can be spent on each separate period of functioning of the enterprise without the additional account of the past events and a future prediction, and is simple proceeding from the size of the involved capital estimated on the basis of the accounting data.
2. npv.xls - NPV & IRR for periodic cash flows templates
3. npvirrdate.xls - NPV & IRR for any cash flows templates
4. mirr.xls - MIRR template
5. sec.xls - 26 securities templates
6. amort.xls - 5 amortization templates
7. datetime.xls - 4 date templates
8. finexcelsoft.xls - additional 16 financial templates

9. ann.xls - Annuities templates

We also added the following Excel functions for a statistic analysis:

10. corr.xls - Correlation & regression templates

11. test.xls - Excel functions for statistic criteria tests

12. var.xls - Excel functions for variance calculations

13. serial.xls - Excel functions for serial statistics

14. mean.xls - Excel functions for mean calculations

15. extrem.xls - Excel functions for extremal values calculation

16. dist.xls - Excel functions for a distribution calculations

17. invdist.xls - Excel functions for an inverse distribution calculation

18. geo.xls - Excel functions for calculation of geometric characteristics of a distribution

19. add.xls - Functions for probality calculation (used for statistic analysis)

20. math.xls - Mathematical functions used in statistical analysis

21. even.xls - Functions to generate evently distributed random numbers (used in statistic analysis)

Templates for almost all financial & statistic calculations: NPV, IRR, MIRR, amortization templates, securities templates, effective annual interest rate, annual nominal interest rate, price per $100 face value of security that pays periodic interest, yield on a security that pays periodic interest, number of periods for an investment based on an interest rate and a constant payment schedule, future value of an investment based on an interest rate and a constant payment schedule, present value of an investment based on an interest rate and a constant payment schedule, payment amount for a loan based on an interest rate and a constant payment schedule, and more. Also contains all statistic functions. finExcelSoft.xls workbook contains also the spreadsheet for easy function navigation in all workbooks. Use of some complex financial functions are simplified by VBA procedures.

Benefit: With these templates you can now do financial & statistic calculations more easily. For example, you enter your source data and the work is done! Now you can see, for example, NPV and IRR results. Or you can see, for example, the results of 6 Excel extreme functions: max, maxa, min, mina, large, small. To receive a correlation matrix you just click one button. Moreover, you will receive the partial correlation matrix too. Please note that has no the tools to calculate a partial correlation matrix. Please note also that some complex functions are simplified by our VBA code. Please note also that Excel contains hundreds functions and you may have problems with a search of the function you need for your given task. Our finexcelsoft.xls workbook contains the links to all financial and statistic functions. And these links to financial functions are grouped in 6 groups( investment interest, annuities, securities, rates, amortization, date functions), the statistic functions are grouped in 14 groups. Now you can review only functions from one group rather all list! Moreover, finexcelsoft.xls contains additional grouping of financial functions: interest rate, income, payment, price, number of periods. To open the template you simply double click its name, and the work in done! Therefore, our templates may be very useful as for professional financiers, as for students! This unique collection of spreadsheets (supplied in conjunction with examples and full instructions) allow you easily learn all financial and statistic functions and easily use them for your needs.

30 day money back guarantee!

NPV, IRR, EBIT, ROIC Buy Online   FinExcelSoft FinStat templates - 137 templates (56 Financial Templates - NPV, IRR, EBIT, ROIC, Taxes Scheduling, and more. Source data: t-Bill rate, risk premium, sector beta value, pre-tax cost of debt, tax rate, debt to capital ratio, capital, amortization period, balloon (optionally), sales forecasts and expenses for 10 years, and other data. And you receive: NPV, IRR, EBIT, Tax Scheduling, Loan repayment, discounted cash flows, debt interest, cost of equity, after-tax cost of debt, cost of capital, ROIC rate, capital gain, and more) & 81 Stastical Templates) for just   $99.95  $67.95.

Bonus for a Limited Time

Now our FinStat Templates also contain 3 - 100 year investment plan. How does it work? It is simply. You enter some data and click on a button and receive the template for given number of years (3 to 100).

And you receive the following template:

You enter some data in yellow cells and click on a button. The macros creates resulting spreadsheets containing amortization schedule, cash flow NPV, IRR, EBIT, and more.

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NPV, IRR Buy Online - NPV & IRR template for periodic cash flows for $30.00

The download also contains the template for a schedule that is not necessarily periodic plus the bonus with spreadsheets for some other important financial functions. Please note that we included this bonus just temporarily.

Order all 3 templates -  NPV, IRR, MIRR

This price includes 3 templates:

1. NPV & IRR template for periodic cash flows

2. NPV & IRR Template for a schedule that is not necessarily periodic

3. MIRR for periodic cash flows

We also included our bonus into this download  for free. This bonus contains templates for some additional financial functions. This offer is just temporary.

NPV, IRR and more Buy Online - NPV, IRR, MIRR templates for just $10.00

NPV, IRR and more Buy Online - FinExcelSoft FinStat Templates - NPV, IRR, MIRR templates for just $15. This product contains also 3 to 100 year investment plan (please see above), partial correlation and more.

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