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FinExcelSoft Safe Office

This product contains all FinExcelSoft Excel products plus FinExcelSoft Defense plus Inventory Manager with multi-level BOMs support plus FES browser. FES Defense is designed to protect your financal data. It contains:

1. NPV & IRR & ROIC & EBIT for your 2 up to 100 year project.

Calculates NPV, IRR, ROIC, EBIT, cost of equity, cost of debt, cost of capital, income taxes payments, depreciation, capital gain, fixed/balloon payments (interest and principal), and more.

2. NPV & EVA calculations for 2 up to 15 year period.

Source data: depreciated rate, tax rate, discount rate, fixed and current
assets, sales of products, WACC, and more. What advantages of EVA concept?
If the traditional NPV-analysis demands calculation of necessary size of investments with exact scoping and time of cash flows on the periods, calculation EVA can be spent on each separate period of functioning of the enterprise without the additional account of the past events and a future prediction, and is simple proceeding from the size of the involved capital estimated on the basis of the accounting data.

3. Financial Excel templates - business valuation, forecast, securities, amortization, loans, annuities, investment.

4. Statistic Excel templates - regression and correlation analysis, partial correlation.

5. FES emailer - safe POP3 e-mail client with an ability to protect your financial data and many features including: SPAM blocker, resender from one email account to another one, safe saving of emails - with 2048 bit encoding, multiple passwords, and much more. Allows you to remove emails without downloading them.

6. FES Notes - text editor with 2048 bit encoding, multiple passwords. Allows you to safely save financial documents, passwords and so on.

7. FES alarm - allows you to set a month, day, year, hours, and minutes and track the time.

8. Safe Web Browser - allows you to download web pages, remove any dangerous content (scripts and more) from them, save them and pass them to default web browser.

9. Allows you to encode the files with 2048 bit key.

10. FES Browser - allows you fast internet serfing with an ability of autosaving the pages and images. Uses IE engine.


12. Report Wizard & Tools

You can create a pivot table without rows/columns/pages fields definition. The program save all fields a pivot table needs for given Excel list. You need only to choose a form, click on a button, and pivot table ready to use! You can add the subtotals to your list by the same way. Using this add-in you can almost automatically generate all your pivot tables and add subtotals to your lists! Moreover, you can do it even basing on external databases including MS Access and Visual Foxpro. Also contains many other tools for just $29.00! This add-in must be installed on every office computer! editor in admiration wrote a review: "vital add-in" for every office computer!

Special requirements: MS Excel 2000 or later.
Platform: Windows 98 or later.

13. AntiPasswordRecovery2

Allows you to encode several first rows and columns of your spreadsheet and save them in other file (not xls). You must enter 256-symbol password. No password recovery software can recover your password. If you forgot your password, you will not be available to view your rows and columns if you cleared them in xls file.

Special requirements: MS Excel 2000 or later.
Platform: Windows 98 or later.

14. VBA Defencer

Makes VBA code unreadable to the human eye. Main Features:
- renames procedure, function and property names.
- renames almost all variables declared in dim, public and private statements.
- removes all comments.
- removes blank lines.
- removes all additional spaces.

Special requirements: MS Excel 2000 or later.
Platform: Windows 98 or later.


30-day money-back guarantee for all products!

Delivery - immediate download except Inventory Manager add-in and FES Browser if you order these products as a part of our Safe Office. You will receive this add-in and our browser within 1 day after your e-mail inquiry in this case.


Description Price Order Link
FES FinStat Excel Templates 137 finstat templates - NPV, IRR, EBIT, ROIC, and more $99.95 $33.00

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FES Emailer - up to 10 post boxes POP3 e-mail client $39.95

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Wizard Type Inventory Manager for Excel with multi-level BOMs support add-in $67.95

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FES Browser workbook $46.00 Buy Online
FES Safe Office (all products above plus IS Financial Calculator)   $321.00 $99.95

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FES Inventory Manager workbook $87.95 Buy Online
Report Wizard & Tools add-in $29.00 Buy Online
AntiPasswordRecovery2 add-in $52.95 Buy Online
VBA Defencer add-in $67.00 Buy Online
FinExcelSoft FinStat All Excel templates $33.00 Buy Online

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